22 Sep 2010

BNP Office in Stroud

News that the BNP are siting their Communications HQ in Stroud has understandably provoked many strong reactions. Cllrs John Marjoram and Norman Kay have sent a joint letter to the Stroud News and Journal and the Green party were collecting signatures in Stroud on the weekend from all parties and individuals to the letter below.

Photo: tree in Ruscombe valley field

I agree with Stroud's mayor Andy Read when he is quoted saying: "Whenever the BNP has put up candidates locally, it has had no support whatsoever. However, history shows that censorship only plays into the hands of such groups. The best approach is to bring the BNP and their policies out into the open. I know many Stroud people feel strongly about the BNP and will relish this opportunity to expose and challenge its policies."

Anyway here is the letter that many of us have signed:

We would like to state here for the record that we are horrified that the BNP are planning for their communications HQ to be at Salmon Springs in Stroud (reported in the Stroud News and Journal on 15th Sept).

The BNP’s policies of hatred and bigotry are hard for any community to stomach but they are particularly unwelcome in the progressive and open town of Stroud.

The Stroud district has a long history of tolerance. The vast majority of residents welcome and accept people of all nationalities, abilities and sexual orientations.

We would encourage anyone who feels the same to state plainly and clearly that the BNP are not welcome here.

Yours truly,

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