7 Sep 2010

Australia Labor/Green alliance announced

Late last night I got an email from an Australian colleague I used to work with - the news is official but yet to hit many of the news reports in this country - three Greens will now support Labor which means that weeks of speculation end.

Photo: From Sydney Morning Herald at election - see more about results here

The Australian Labor Party will continue as Australia's Government for another term. To form a majority in Government - one party needed to win 76 seats. At the end of the vote count, neither party had enough seats to win the majority of power in Government - but now with the Greens Labor hold the balance.

The Greens will hold considerable power within the new government as they will most likely have the deciding votes in any controversial policy changes. This can only be good news for a country that has been one of the main stumbling blocks to international climate agreements. Of course as we watch our ConDem Coalition struggle we know things wont be easy....

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