8 Aug 2010

NHS Dentist in Stroud!!!

Well I've been on a waiting list for over 8 years for an NHS dentist in Stroud area. The problems have been highlighted locally by Greens. Last year in my role as press officer I remember pushing our press release on this issue - see here.

Photos: New dental practice in Stroud

Last year we highlighted that in Gloucestershire only 45% of residents have access to NHS Dentistry. We are at the bottom of league tables for numbers seen by NHS dentists. Since then Gloucestershire has been investing in improvements.

Anyway 8,000 new places will be made available at the Archway Dental Practice in Stroud - the former solicitors offices. Go and get registered now!


Philip Booth said...

Tens of thousands of patients are seeking hospital treatment for their teeth after failing to find an NHS dentist. Emergency admissions have increased by 40 per cent over the past decade, according to official figures seen by the Daily Mail.

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