30 Aug 2010

ClientEarth wins case

Using the law is a key way for activists to make the changes we need. I've said that before many times. Well here is news that will hearten all of those of us seeking environmental justice.

ClientEarth, are an organisation of activist lawyers working to bring change - well they recently won a landmark case. You can see the details here - the UK has breached the Aarhus Convention - we have the worst court fees in Europe making it hard to challenge decisions. We can now be hopeful that decisions will be easy to challenge.
“Today’s findings are game-changing for anyone fighting for their environmental rights. At the moment, the government and industries can ride roughshod over their environmental responsibilities, confident that the legal system’s failings will make challenges impossible. If the government’s word is to mean anything on the international stage, it must move effectively and decisively to remedy the gross unfairness of the UK legal system. For the first time citizens will be able to scrutinise and challenge environmental decisions from a fair position.” James Thornton, CEO ClientEarth speaking after the win

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