6 Aug 2010

7p an hour for tea workers

I just saw 'A Bitter Cup' - a 9 minute movie by War on Want about the exploitation of tea workers. It has a lot of further info and some actions that we can take - despite British supermarkets signing up to better conditions the reality is very different - paid 7p an hour with no sick pay, pension etc.

Supermarkets account for over 80% of all tea bought in Britain. Yet the people who pick the tea at source get just 1p from every £1.60 box of tea bags sold. It is unacceptable that British companies are profiting from such exploitation.

I wonder if Cameron will have raiosed this issue in India on his recent visit? Please take action here - we need the government to set up a Commission for Business, Human Rights and the Environment that would make UK companies accountable for human rights abuses in their supply chains. Of course many of us who are aware of the issues can choose Fair Trade but equally we need to campaign for a real change.

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