25 Jul 2010

Water Forum meets

On Wednesday night the Stroud Valleys Water Forum met at Ebley Mill - we were fortunate to have the County flood guy to give a presentation. However it was all cut short by problems with electrics - a huge bang earlier and lots of Eon vans - the presentation was only a few slides in when we were cut off - the emergency power came on but was intermittent.

In short, as with much else at the moment, we don't know how things will pan out re funding - at the moment flood works have been protected - rightly so - there is much that needs doing - the good news is that it looks like funding has been found for a project at Brigend to protect homes there that have been flooded.

One of the Forum members also publicised the new National Flood Forum - a charity working for flood resilience through partnership - see their website at: www.floodforum.org.uk/ I think this is a very useful new addition to raising awareness about flooding and it's impacts - and indeed what can be done - one problem locally has been a number of products fitted that haven't done the job - not kite marked - we need to find better ways of sharing best practice amongst folk.

Anyhow the meeting was very useful - too short - fortunately we have another date set up 2nd September when Neil Carmichael is also invited to hear more about water and floods in the Five Valleys. Anyone interested in hearing more about that meeting let me know.

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