5 Jul 2010

Regulate private armies now

Which of the following does NOT need a UK licence?

A) Selling ice cream
B) Watching television
C) Running a private army

That was the question that War on Want asked in their latest campaign - and yes, you guessed right – the answer is C! Despite being accused of hundreds of human rights abuses in places like Iraq, UK private armies don't need a licence to operate. Unregulated by the government and unaccountable to the public, these corporate mercenaries act with impunity in conflict zones across the world.

Act now here to tell your MP to regulate private armies. As War on Want said: "The previous government didn't think regulation of private armies was a priority. With a new government we now have an opportunity to show our opposition to the privatisation of war. The UK is increasingly outsourcing its war efforts to private companies. As the UK is plunged deeper into conflict in Afghanistan, regulation is urgently needed to hold these mercenaries to account."

See lots more on the War on Want website re private armies.

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