23 Jul 2010

Protest at Tomlinson decision

Yesterday, we heard that the policeman caught on film attacking Ian Tomlinson last year won't face criminal charges. Click here add your name to the 38 degrees campaign group petition:

Photo: Riffs in Stroud - great dog in the window

Here is what the campaign say:
Ian Tomlinson died after being attacked by a policeman. He was just walking home from work. At first, the police said they had nothing to do with his death. They claimed protestors had got in the way of giving him medical help. The Guardian then published a video telling a different story. It clearly showed a policeman attacking Ian with a baton. It's hard to see how it benefits anyone for the policeman guilty of this assault not to face charges. For Ian Tomlinson's family, it's a big blow. For the police, it's an even bigger stain on their reputation. It sends the message that unlike the rest of us, the police can get away with committing serious crimes, even if they're caught on film.

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