8 Jul 2010

Get Vince to stand up to Murdoch

Campaign group 38 Degrees highlight a key issue - they write: "Rupert Murdoch is about to increase his stranglehold on the UK's media by taking complete control of BSkyB. He currently owns 40% and is trying to up that to 100%. This would be a disaster. It would give Murdoch even more political influence and could open the doors to biased, right-wing news reporting, like Fox News in the US. Together we can stop him. Vince Cable has the power to stop Murdoch's plan.Murdoch thinks he has this deal sewn up. There are plenty of people in government who owe him big favours after his papers backed them during the election. Add to that the full force of Murdoch's media empire and you can be sure that Vince Cable will be feeling the pressure to cave in."

Photo: Honeysuckle - nothing to do with Murdoch - well as far as I know...

We need to stand up to this 'Foxification' of our news. Take 30 seconds to sign our "Vince stand up to Murdoch" petition now:

No doubt Murdoch has been delighted by Cameron saying the quango 'Ofcom must go' - indeed Murdoch has long wanted the end of Ofcom - this is his chance - and yes of course we all want to see those quangoes go but some powers of regulation are crucial - let's make sure they are in democratically elected hands.

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