6 Jun 2010

Stroud Life blunder misses dig at new MP

Well after the Parish elections blunder we have one from Stroud Life who printed the following letter from a Stroud resident, Steve Penny...

Photo: View of Severn from top of As Lane, Randwick

I must say I am absolutely delighted with the recent election result. I've known the winning candidate for some years and you couldn't wish for a more honest, good-humoured, charming and committed politician. Never one to pose or posture, he is a steadfast champion of social causes, green issues and real democracy. We can be certain he will put the interests of the community he serves before his own self-interest; have no fear of him fiddling his expenses!

I wish him every success and hope he goes on to attain the highest offices in the land, should he so wish. Well done Philip Booth, District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe.
Yours faithfully, Steve Penny

However Stroud Life changed the meaning of the letter and the implied dig at our new MP by adding the headline "Our elected MP is perfect for the job"!!! Instead of the dig at Carmichael it became a celebration! I was sent a copy of the letter when it went to the editor and blushed - now that Stroud Life have changed the meaning I can smile!

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