12 Jun 2010

Open Studios: just love it all!

The 2010 site festival is a contemporary arts festival which aims to showcase artist-led projects with a full and exciting programme of visual arts, performance, music, artist talks and workshops.

This year is the 14th year and over 470 artists are exhibiting their work in 76 sites across the Stroud Valleys during the whole month of June. See their website for the complete programme of events: www.sva.org.uk/

Yesterday I went to the exhibition in the Sub Rooms - it is said to have been inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Art is a lie that tells the truth” statement - Michelle Ohlson and Kerry Phippen have invited artists whose work reflects on this concept through the medium of drawing. It was great - especially liked the piece above which I think was by Chris Smith.

This weekend and next the studios are open and I will definitely be taking a look. Just love the Open Studios and the wonderful celebration of the arts - a huge thanks as always to all those who put so much time into making it such a wonderful month of events. This year three artists from our area are participating - Dorte Shelley, Jackie Garner and Roger R. James - check the programme for details. Oooohps correction made 26/06/10: it is in fact Roger R. Jones and not Roger R. James - I knew that - not sure what went wrong!

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