25 Jun 2010

Nibley music, Eco-Homes, Whiteshill garden, Open Studios controversy and more

All sorts mentioned in this blog entry - from a minor controversy at the Open Studios to a complete random collection of stuff starting with the North Nibley Music Festival on Saturday, July 3 - a stunning location and great music - it is quite an exclusive event as tickets go fast - have been told there are still some left and this year they have a green chillout tent where hopefully there will be some posters and stuff advertising the Eco-Renovation Open Homes this September.

Photos: Open Studios starting with singer Martha Tilston's great wolves pic, Yola Quinn's work, more textiles and Liz Lippiatt's flag. I also liked some of Aimee Lax's sculptures on the wall, Maggie Shaw's paintings then we go into the Whiteshill garden, the dog at Riffs and round the corner from Riffs Jrools' new Food Emporium.

Infact this week have been sorting out the launch of a Sustainable Housing book in the Transition series - author Chris Bird will be at the installers fair at the Open Homes in September. We also have over 20 homes lined up to open their doors plus a talk on feed-in tariffs.

Last weekend I got to more of those Open Studios - as I've said before huge thanks to all for a wonderful month - there has been loads of positive feedback from people attending and exhibiting - although I've had a couple of comments regarding the 'missing' sample exhibitions - I understand that in previous years at both the Museum and the Sub Rooms there have been a chance to see a piece from each artist - this year only 25 artists seem to have been selected for the Museum and the drawing exhibition is in the Sub Rooms instead.

I have spoken with organisers and have been told that this is partly due to wanting to raise the standards and that previous feedback on some of the sample exhibitions hasn't been so great - indeed artists did not always select their best work - however for me part of the charm is the very varied collection of pieces and something about the equality of so many artists sharing the same exhibition. I have in the past enjoyed seeing the variety of the artists as it is never possible to visit all during the two weekends. A couple of artists were disappointed at not having a chance to show their work in the 'sample' exhibition. All artists do get a mention in the guide book....maybe next year a venue can be found for sample exhibitions as well?

Anyway another highlight last weekend was the Open Garden for charity in Whiteshill - on the Main Road past the old Woodcutters Arms. Wow what a spot and what views and a great deck to sit and enjoy tea and cake - plus a bat cave and beautiful flower gardens - great stuff and money raised for charity. See the photos on this post - ioncluding what must be the biggest ash tree in the village?

Love this dog looking out of Riffs in Stroud - something else I wanted to mention was the project “As I walked out………” - an eight week epic journey with four donkeys, chickens, carts, children, young people and artists walking across the six districts of our county. Fairgame Theatre are inviting people from all walks of life to join the journey, public camps and workshops. It sounds lots of fun. Their website has more - I did wonder if they had plans for anything like that seaman who recently made the longest sea journey in history - see here - 1,152 days and during that time he sailed in patterns that at one time made the shape of a whale! I did ask if we were getting donkeys in Gloucestershire but no...

Ah well last mention here is a welcome to the new Food Emporium just opposite Iceland supermarket - it also does coffee - it is making it hard in Stroud with so many good places - still favorites include Woodruffs and Star Anise but do like the quiet of Jrools at times (pictured) - good luck with the new venture - I liked their window sign below when they were shut! Ah well I've rambled long enough...

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