8 Jun 2010

More nuclear lies

So we now discover a £4 billion black hole in the budget for decommissioning nuclear power stations, including Oldbury. Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, is apparently locked in talks with the Treasury to secure more funding - it really is true what both Jonathon Porritt and Tony Benn say about the nuclear industry, we cannot believe a word they say......

Photo: Oldbury nuke viewed with my camera from top of Ash Lane, Randwick - below the latest montage from Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy of how the new nukes at Oldbury would look - see here.

See also here The Guardian article about the subsidy being offered to new nukes following secret lobbying. However despite every turn proving nukes are not the answer, in all this I am loosing faith that Lib Dems will stick to the no subsidy rule re new nukes...see for example here.
"You can't believe a word you are told by the nuclear industry" Tony Benn Politics Show May 23rd
The other 'news' is that Oldbury nuclear power station, already 43 years old, is set to continue operating into next year - in fact although the press have just reported this it has been known for a while that they wish to yet again extend the closure date. The Nuclear Decommissioning Agency are once again requesting an extension to its lifespan - as I've said before this is putting safety at risk - it is all about trying to generate cash.

Angela Paine on her Stop Oldbury blog comments: "But what they fail to say is that Oldbury's graphite (think pencils) core is seriously eroded. The longer the nuclear power station continues to function, the more dangerous the core becomes and the more likely it is to fail, resulting in uncontrollable fire with massive release of radioactivity."

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