10 May 2010

Tricorn House development approved

Well a very busy weekend with Wap, family, trip to London and more after the election and meetings today with Green councillors to plan the next moves - but will try and get the blog back on track more.....first up must mention news that most will have now heard re Tricorn House.

Photos: Stroud Life print Tricorn plans and below the demo last November at which I spoke re this building

Well on 27th April, the Development Control Committee approved a scheme for a new head quarters for the local green energy company, EcoTricity. The scheme involves a living wall and passive ventilation, all designed to make the building as efficient as possible. Whilst EcoTricity is still not currently the owner of the land, I understand that there are on-going discussions between them and the agents for the owner. Let's hope for some good news soon.

The drawings are available on the planning website at www.stroud.gov.uk/plans-online using reference number S.10/0499/FUL.

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