8 May 2010

Stroud: local election results

Of course it is the Randwick Wap today - but time here to say a huge thank you to all those who voted for me in the District Council elections. Being returned with 68% of the vote, with over 77% turnout, is a wonderful endorsement and indeed encouragement to build on the successes we've had locally. See here my full results and all the District results here.

Photos: My posters to which I've added a big 'Thank You!' and photos of the count yesterday afternoon and then Anna Bonalack (green Bisley candidate) making her speech at the elections - urging Le Fleming (pictured behind her) to take account of those numbers who voted Green. Also photos of David Hagg, Returning Officer announcing results and the polling station at Whiteshill Village Hall.

However while that was good news it was deeply disappointing to not win Bisley and Nailsworth for the Green party. In both those wards we had local outstanding candidates who would have made enormously positive contributions to the District Council - energy, enthusiasm and intelligence. A great shame. They are both fired up to return and Nailsworth will have another election next year.

Anyway in the District the Lib Dems gained 2 seats - perhaps part of the swing to Lib Dems that didn't materialise elsewhere - and with other gains and losses the Tories are down one and Labour and Greens remain the same. The Independent candidate in Uley did not stand again. Over all Greens had 22% of the vote where they stood. See also my blog earlier today on the General election results - lots more I want to post but too much going on!! To the Wap now!

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