23 May 2010

Stroud International Textiles Festival triumph

The fourth Stroud International Textiles Festival finishes today - it is a triumph and huge credit must go to Lizzi Walton and her team - see their website here.

Photos: yesterday at Museum in the Park where they also had free swingball - great fun!

It has had wonderful events and exhibitions - I've only managed to catch a handful of them - yesterday I revisited the Museum exhibition with family - great stuff indeed. Talking to Lizzi there, I hear that it has also led to significant increases in visitor numbers to the museum and indeed the town - no wonder - this event truly puts Stroud on the map internationally when it comes to Textiles and builds on our reputation as a centre of arts and creativity. Big thanks to all involved for creating so many good things to see, be inspired and more.


Rebecca Harris said...

Hi Just visiting all the blogs about the festival at the moment to let you know about its appeal.

URGENT APPEAL – STROUD INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES & ANNUAL FESTIVAL UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE - please visit the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stroud-International-Textiles/110708272314957?v=app_2373072738&ref=ts#!/topic.php?uid=110708272314957&topic=17

Thanks for your time

Philip Booth said...

Yes plan a blog re this appeal - coming soon!