20 May 2010

Stroud Festival of Nature: 5th June

The 2010 Stroud Festival of Nature is going ahead on World Environment Day, 5th June in Stratford Park (10 to 5pm). It's free!

I am unable to go :( but the suggestion is for folk to take a picnic - or go via the Stroud Farmers Market to grab some goodies. It looks like it will be a great day. Help dig the new wildlife pond, meet llamas, loads of bugs and beasties, pedal power the live link-up with UN World Environment Day celebrations in Rwanda or make nest boxes and insect houses for your garden. Various local and national wildlife conservation organisations will be there running activities for all ages. Westonbirt Arboretum will be doing a guided walk round the notable trees in the park, and there will be evening walks on moths and bats.

See the leaflet at: http://stroudnature.blogspot.com/

At the moment the Festival are looking for volunteers to help with things like delivering leaflets, especially to local schools; setting up stalls and a yurt on the Friday and Saturday, and pedalling in the cinema - for an hour or just 5 minutes. If you can help email steve(at)stroudnature.co.uk

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