26 May 2010

Stop Tories increasing arms spending

I've already covered a number of the email campaigns to try and influence the new Government - here is another on arms spending.

Photo: Taken from London Eye a long while ago

Last year, the Conservatives said they wanted to increase the support given to arms exports, and use arms sales as a "foreign policy tool" - a truly alarming prospect. But in the past many senior Liberal Democrats have supported the Campaign Against Arms Trade's campaign to end government support for arms exports, including Vince Cable, now the Minister responsible for the UKTI Defence & Security Organisation.

This is a real opportunity to shift the balance - if we put the pressure on now. Please take one minute to email Vince Cable today: he needs to know we care! Meanwhile if you want to know more about UK government involvement in arms exports then a good place to start is CAAT's new briefing paper: Private gain, public pain: The case for ending the Government's arms selling. It has facts, figures, case studies and graphs, all fully referenced...

Lastly Heydon Prowse is at it again. His films have exposed MPs and organisations doing the wrong thing - now it's the turn of UKTI DSO. His short film, "Quango Awards 2010: UKTI DSO" exposes the shameful way this government body promotes the private security industry, including an unknown firm with a director with a criminal record (you guessed it, Heydon made the company up!). You can see the results, both amusing and horrifying, at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjMIFNFE6j8

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