20 May 2010

Say no to Bristol Airport

The new government has scrapped plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, along with new runways at Gatwick and Stansted. Yippee!!! Some commonsense at last - although I can't see how Labour would have pushed it through after the recent court case (see here).

But we now need the government to go further and develop a new aviation policy that properly takes account of climate change. So far Tories have failed to rule out more expansion (see here). Indeed there are still plans in the pipeline to expand nearly 30 other airports across the UK including Bristol. Regular blog readers will know that I have been part of the campaign to stop that airport expansion - indeed have written lengthy submissions on the subject for various stages of the consultation.

As Greenpeace say in their latest campaign: "If the new government is serious about tackling climate change, it needs to stop all airport expansion plans, not just the big three in the southeast. A new aviation policy fit for the 21st century must be drawn up - one which recognises the urgent need to slash our carbon output. On the 24th May, local councillors in Bristol will decide whether to expand Bristol Airport. This is the first green test for the new Tory Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond. If he is serious about getting a grip on the UK's spiralling aviation emissions, he needs to stop this application going ahead."

Please join me in taking action here.

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