21 May 2010

Save Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act is a vital piece of legislation that protects all of us in the UK - the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are negotiating over it as we speak. The Conservative's have so far expressed a wish to repeal the Act, but the Lib Dems support the Act. Please sign the petition below.

If you are unsure about the Human Rights Act - what it does, or it's worth - then please read the petition, it might makes things clearer or maybe even change your mind. Certainly the Act has been hugely misunderstood and misinterpreted in the media. This is part of what the petition says: "Many of the more ‘ridiculous’ law suits brought under the name of the act have been dismissed. It does not allow criminals to get whatever they want, in fact it actually makes it a legal requirement that the public is protected from dangers to society. Just one example of the benefits of the act is its use in keeping an elderly married couple in long-term care together. Although in an ideal world this should have been avoided by common sense or compassion, the fact is that law is clearly needed to prevent unpleasant situation like this occurring. Secondly, the Act does not, as it sometimes suggested, mean that threats to our nation’s security cannot be dealt with. The Act requires courts to balance public safety against individual rights, and if necessary, a person at risk of harming our country can certainly have their liberty deprived."

Any meddling with the Human Rights Act that leads to less rights than those that we already have guaranteed by the convention would mean victims would have to seek redress in Strasbourg rather than in the domestic courts. This would make it all a nonsense. Please join me in signing the new petition:

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