17 May 2010

Parish Council elections

By now you will have received polling cards for the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council Election on Thursday 27 May (see re Randwick below). Unusually this year there are more applicants than seats so you get to choose nine councillors to sit on the Parish Council. Who sits on the Parish Council can make a difference to your village.

Photo: Ruscombe

The last parish council had a very successful Parish Plan morning on Saturday - more of that in a blog soon - but wanted to note the Annual Parish Meeting in the Village Hall is at 7:30pm on Tuesday 18 May - you can meet some of the candidates and also hear from various groups about what has been going on in the Parish - I'll be there talking about teh Ruscombe BRook and my role on the District Council - but each speaker is only allowed 5 minutes so you wont get much!!!

Also here is a brief summary of some of the key successes:

• set up the Warbler and web site
• rebuilt the play area
• planted the village orchard
• renovated the village green
• refurbished the railings on the Ruscombe road
• improved the drain overflow in the play area enabling more of it to be used
• replaced some of the salt bins
• ran the 20 is plenty campaign
• set up the allotments

I am not standing for the Parish Council - however as the local District councillor I do attend their meetings but some clash with District Council meetings so I would be unable to fully participate if I did stand for election.

Randwick Parish Council

In Randwick the May elections were uncontested. Five candidates were nominated for the nine seats. Jane Godsell, David Preece, Mort Watkins, Mike Woods and Vernon Williams were declared elected and form the new Parish Council.

All electors are invited to attend the Randwick Annual Parish Meeting - this is not a Parish Council Meeting, but a meeting for the electors of the Parish held under the Local Government Act 1972. It will be held at on Thursday May 20th at 8 pm at Randwick Scout Headquarters, following the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. This will be the first meeting of the new council - sadly I will miss it as it is also the first meeting of the new District Council that night.

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