21 May 2010

Help rebrand BP

This week the FT refused to run Amnesty's advert targeting Shell's hellish activities in the Niger Delta but The Guardian yesterday ran a full page ad, targeting BP and their CEO Tony Heyward and asking you to help rebrand BP. Well enoughsenough sent more details yesterday about the ad which I post below:

Despite promising to stay in the US until the oil spill was sorted, BP CEO Tony Heyward decided to fly back to London to celebrate his 54th birthday and for a board meeting. So Greenpeace climbers were on the roof of BP's HQ in London first thing this morning to greet him, with their 'British Pollution' flag.

When BP rebranded to 'Beyond Petroleum', they spent more on the rebranding than they invested in developing clean renewable energy that year. You can see from today's ad that their 2010 investment towards moving 'beyond petroleum' is less than 5%. Remarkably, when Tony Heyward became CEO of BP, he even said, "We had too many people that were working to save the world". So it's time BP rebranded again, except this time, we can all have a go. You can either click on the advert, print it, design it, then post it, or use the online tool, here.

See my previous blog this month on the oil spill here.

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