13 Apr 2010

Vote Dursley!

I just got an email from Miriam Yagud, a Dursley Parish councillor and Green party candidate in the District elections - she sent a note regarding the "hard work and effort put in by local resident, John Wilkes" that means that Dursley is one of 5 international finalists in the Google 'Model Your Town' competition.

As well as putting the winning town on the global map, part of the prize is $10,000 US dollars for the local school. So to be in with a chance of winning, Dursley needs as many votes as possible before May 1st. Voting is easy, so please do it now. View and vote here. Other entries
are from Peru, Germany, Spain and the USA.

I have grown over the years to really like Dursley - am there fairly regularly for work - last week even managed a double expresso at The Courtyard cafe while I wrote up a report. The countryside around is very special and while I never agreed the best way to develop a town is by a supermarket let us hope the new Sainsburys does lead to town improvements rather than killing off more local shops. As I've said before there are better ways at regeneration - indeed there are reports on the Glos Green party website about this and reports regarding the frustration and anger that the whole process of development was stretched out over so long leaving the town in limbo....

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