27 Apr 2010

LIDAR: Randwick in 3d

Tony Wilton, from Randwick has contacted me to update the local LIDAR project - I've enthused before on this blog about this exciting project.

LIDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging - and well basically measures the height of the ground surface and other features in large areas of landscape with a resolution and accuracy hitherto unavailable, except through labour-intensive field survey or photogrammetry.

See my blog here re background to map this area and here re funding for the local project. I wrote here about how to access Tony's site to see it all for yourself - well that has changed slightly as I understand there are more security measures. However Tony has updated the access and made it easier - see his website here: www.tonywilton.co.uk/page2.htm

He has a great pic showing the terrain with buildings and vegetation removed - a stone extraction area is revealed and Upper Crossdyke. Countryfile have just had programme on the LIDAR study - see it here for next 4 or 5 days - it also covers some of the restoration of the canal, the Cotswold Way and other Cotswoldy stuff. Amazingly the English Heriatge study has thrown up some 900 sites not known previously - about two-thirds of the project is complete in terms of surveying.....look forward to hearing more!!

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