30 Apr 2010

Food: other parties don't get it

Food has barely had a mention in this election and features in just a handful of places in the manifestos. Indeed worryingly only Greens are committed to working for a a complete ban on genetically modified food in Europe.

Photo: Nettle soup last week - one of my favorites

It was therefore good to see the article by Former Ecologist editor, Pat Thomas. She writes in The Ecologist: "On the basis of the manifestos alone, and not just the information contained in them, but the language used to convey that information, the Green Party distinguishes itself from the others both in terms its understanding of the role of food in our lives, cultures and economies, and in the provision of some more concrete proposals to ensure a better, cleaner, fairer food supply." See whole article here.

This is just another indication to my mind, of how out of touch other parties are with what is needed - Greens haven't got all the answers but come on food is surely something we should be taking more seriously!

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