20 Mar 2010

Look into my house with Google's Street View

Well yesterdays blog looked at surveillance....and well here is something that concerns many - 'Street View' from Google - now online from last week or so, you can move down roads in Ruscombe or wherever and look at the houses from 360 degree angles - see here a link of Bread Street sent by a friend - you can walk up the road, look in my window, see what is growing up the front of my house and even peer into my neighbours back garden.

Photo: view of Ebley Mill from Far Westrip - not from Google!

The photos must be well over 6 months as the front of my house has changed a little since then....so is this just a bit of fun? I sort of quite enjoyed the walk down my road, buty what's it all about?

Google first launched imagery for 25 cities in the UK in March 2009 and has since been processing and stitching together more pictures collected by its cars to help the UK join countries like Spain, France, Italy and the US, which already have nationwide coverage in Street View.

Here is one comment in The Citizen: Cyndy Pond, from Orchard End in Staunton said: “I think it is rather intrusive. If you have an open garden then it is not so bad but we have an eight foot fence but they still peered over. It is a bit of a cheek. It can see straight into your house and I am a bit worried about privacy from it.”

The Citizen also quote Campaigner Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch said: “For many, Google’s Street View cameras are an upsetting invasion of privacy. People tend not to be asked whether they are comfortable with it coming to their town. When it arrives somewhere for the first time, those who are concerned about being captured should check it to see if they or their property are now on worldwide public view.

What do others think? Certainly if you are concerned go to the site and check it over and ensure you register a complaint.

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Adrian Windisch said...

You can see into my house here, http://greenreading.blogspot.com/2010/03/street-view-comes-to-reading.html
but Im not complaining.