19 Feb 2010

Woodies: I'm moving up!

For the past couple of years I've been a leader helping to run the Willow Elfin Woodcraft Folk group for 6 to 9 year olds. Well now my partner's grandchild is moving up into pioneers so I will be going to. It will be v sad to say good bye to the children - and indeed parents - our group has been a wonderfully friendly and supportive group with loads of interesting stuff that we have got up to...

Photo: Rollerskating: I sadly couldn't join in due to a twisted ankle.

Last week we had the moving up ceremony at Stratford Park - an excuse for all the Woodies groups to meet and go roller-skating - but also say goodbye to those they leave behind. One of my last duties as a leader was to complete a short report of our activities in the last year. I enclose it below for those interested in joining Woodies - also follow the label below to a number of previous blogs and stuff about history etc.

The group started the year with only a handful of members due partly to a number of Elfins moving up. However the group quickly regained it's strength with close to 20 members for most of the year. A number of parents have taken on the leaders role so we have seen a wide-range of activities each week during school term-time. These have included leading the carnival procession with lanterns at the Stroud Goodwill evening at Christmas, being guests twice on Stroud FM to talk about Woodies, a trip to the Gloucester climbing centre, making a hugely colourful banner, making rafts and trying to float them down the Chalford brook, making bows and arrows and trying them out, many music and singing sessions, various craft activities, nature walks and den-making activities and more.

Willow Elfin's also helped initiate and participate in two events to support the 350.org climate change day: planting 350 trees locally with other Woodcraft Folk groups and helping make some of the 350 beehouses for solitary bees. Some of the Willow Elfins have also joined other Woodies for the annual Stroud Camp, the Sausage Sizzle on the common, roller skating at Stratford park and the Levellers Day procession at Burford. We would very much like to thank the Coop for it's support, which particularly allows some of our low income members to participate fully in our activities.

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