7 Feb 2010

Safe Water Campaign meets

Interestingly I didn't mention in my post yesterday but Paul Connett is also a key scientist in the fight against water fluoridation. Anyway the Safe Water Campaign for Gloucestershire continues to meet each month - I've not been so good at covering recent meetings and haven't managed to get to all of them due to work - most of them have been about planning stalls, linking with other campaigns and recently we sent a letter to David Drew MP to forward to the Health Ombudsman - see letter here.

Pic: Campaign poster from Isle of Man

In the meeting this last week a draft letter to all representatives on the Primary Care Trust was discussed - hopefully ready to be sent soon. Plus a letter to candidates in the General Election asking that if elected they will campaign for an end to existing and planned water fluoridation schemes.

If you are reading this and wondering why we oppose water fluoridation see my old leaflet here. Do contact me for details of our next meetings.

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