10 Feb 2010

Painswick library to go?

Painswick library's future now looks more uncertain. The building had to close in December after an inspection identified immediate safety problems with the rear fire exit and a fire door that had become swollen due to damp problems. Further inspections reveal more problems.

The SNJ report that: "The cost of these repairs, coupled with the continued high maintenance costs for the old building, means GCC no longer believes it is financially viable to operate the library service from the current building."

Are the repairs really so bad or is this a convenient way to hasten closure since the community bid to save the library failed? Sadly I suspect the large costs to rectify the problems are real.

The community-led Painswick Gateway project nearly happened - a great pity it didn't quite come together - see earlier blogs on this here. I even helped get the story into an international library magazine - see here - when I put the editor in touch with folk in Painswick - see here.

Now the county council will begin consulting on this with later this month to see how best to give residents access to library services. It seems closure will go ahead. Will this mean a mobile library is the answer?? Ironically their plans are in place to provide a mobile library during the consultation, which will be parked in the Stamages car park on Mondays starting from February 15 between 11.30am and 11.55am.

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