4 Jan 2010

Westward Road Traffic calming

I am delighted there are plans to calm traffic in Westward Road, Ebley, but I have just written to the current consultation on them, to note my concerns about the specifics of those draft plans.

Photo: Pic of Ebley Mill (just off Westward Road) yesterday

I welcome the proposed wider pavements and narrow roads that slow traffic but would prefer build outs or other methods rather than the proposed speed cushions. Yes I know speed cushions do slow traffic and have been shown to reduce casualties - but they are unpopular. Indeed I know the Parish Council, who I've emailed, is also unhappy about speed cushions.

I would much prefer a Shared Spaces approach to be developed. See my report, "Better Streets for Stroud District" from a long while back here. Indeed if you accept a Shared Spaces approach then cushions can be viewed as counter-productive, as people look at the cushions and not at the child about to run into the road.

I have asked about what work has been done to consider alternatives to cushions in view of the local objections. I hope improvements to the draft plans will be possible or is this just a meaningless consultation?

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Philip Booth said...

Here is response I got:

The aim of the scheme is to enhance the traffic calming that already exists in Westward Road. The scheme budget is limited and therefore the option of shared space cannot be considered.

I have met with the Parish Council and accept that they do not welcome cushions, however we have looked at the possibility of full width speed tables and we cannot achieve them as we need to have 12 metres of full height kerb in order to install them. On the stretch of road concerned there are many dropped kerbs and accesses making it impossible to have anything other than speed cushions. In addition to the cushions we are planning to install a full width junction table on the junction with Church Road, this will help to slow traffic before the crossing point.