21 Jan 2010

Time for action: 'Stroud Bus Station' long overdue

Nine out of ten bus users in Stroud say they have had enough of getting cold and wet while they wait for a bus in the town. Well done to the Town Council for doing this research - see here - for so long we have been told we will get a new bus station and that the current arrangements at Merrywalks are 'temporary' - however this last summer a final nail in the coffin of a new bus station was delivered - see here.

The Town have taken the initiative and undertaken this survey after improvement of bus facilities in the town was identified as a top priority for local people - around 250 people took part in the survey which also showed strong support for better signposting to local facilities, improved cleanliness, more seating, a payphone and a new clock. There were also widespread calls for the provision of a cafe and waiting room. I would echo all that - the lack of any decent shelter and no coffee being the worst aspects for me!!

The Town Council has already begun a number of preliminarily discussions and had several meetings - they have also set aside £17,500 over three years towards the cost of improvements, with the shelters being the top priority. It will be seeking support from the district and county councils to implement the priorities identified by local people. See here a history of the Stroud buses on this blog.

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