11 Jan 2010

Eco-Renovation Open Homes report on 2009 event

Well at last the Eco-Renovation Open Homes 2009 §report is out - coordinator Helen Royall has upgraded my report from 2008 with news of this last years event. You can download the report here.

Photos: Me with leaflets this summer, a newspaper report plus one of our meetings at Stroud Valley's Project.

We have had several meetings since the event to put together our thoughts.

You can see more about the event at our website:

This last year we had over 20 homes open to show measures like insulation, wood pellet boilers, solar, sedum roofs and rainwater harvesting. We had well over 600 visits to the homes plus 200 going to exhibition at installers fair at The Exchange. You can see lots more about the event with photos etc by clicking on the label below.

Now we are seeking funds for 2010 but if they are not forthcoming we will be looking to postpone for a year. It is a huge committment of volunteer time and although this year we had some paid hours for Helen Royall as Coordinator, the two of us - and indeed others - put in many volunteer hours. I am hoping we can get more of Helen's time paid for this next event.

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Philip Booth said...

I have just today read a report on the Old Home Superhome project from Gabby Mallett at The National Energy Foundation - it is similar to the Eco Renovation Open Homes in Stroud. I attach their report but key findings from their report include:

55% of visitors had installed renewable energy or taken energy efficiency measures
67% were inspired to make lifestyle changes
62% felt having more energy efficient homes to visit was very important for encouraging refurbishment of existing houses