4 Dec 2009

Stop Oldbury blog launches with shocking story of radioactive shipwrecks

A new local blog has just been launched by campaigner Angela Paine. It is looking at how we can stop proposals for three new reactors at Oldbury - just 16 miles from Stroud. It has only just been launched and kicks off with an article written for The Guardian (but sadly not published by them) about the radioactive shipwrecks in Italian waters.

Pic: One of my favorites from Russ

In October an astonishing 20,000 people marched in Calabria, southern Italy, in protest against the Calabrian Mafia, who they say have been deliberately sinking ships carrying toxic and radioactive wastes along their coastline - it makes for an interesting but very shocking story - see it on this new blog at:www.stopoldbury.blogspot.com/

Last month I highlighted another case of toxic flytipping and the local campaign re Trafigura - see here - these are just a couple of examples of the rich world’s fly-tipping - both were also covered in George Monbiot's column a while back - see here. More coming soon on Oldbury as lots been happening but with meetings every night this week I've not managed to catch up yet...see you at Goodwill in Stroud tonight?

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