17 Dec 2009

Public transport e-campaigns

This pic is from local artist Russ and shows the new improved route across the Ruscombe valley! We are seeking a team of cyclists that can take on this new role that will link the BRead Street side of the valley with the Whiteshill folk.

Meanwhile the Campaign for Better Transport has several quick actions that you can take - it took me less than ten minutes and I think all three are worth the effort:

First up there are rumours that the Treasury wants to kill the Kickstart bus funding programme. Ask the Bus Minister not to let that happen! Click here to send a message to stop the bus cuts:

Second please support the campaign asking the Transport Secretary to review train fares. Send a message from here callingf for similar cheap fares on our line:

Lastly the Highways Agency plan to squander £1.3 billion on one road. Is this madness? You’re not alone. This massive road in Cambridgeshire will not solve traffic problems. Please add your name to those who want to see transport budgets spent in better ways:

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