28 Dec 2009

Labour target Green seats

It is interesting that Labour letters in the SNJ have recently targeted Greens - well tried to - I personally think they are on a loosing streak with that argument - Labour have consistently failed regarding the environment - and indeed on other key Green issues like justice.....

Photos: Nothing to do with this blog entry but pics of Olivas in Painswick that has my vote this year for the best coffee in Stroud area

John Marjoram answered the SNJ Labour letters - see here - in John's letter he mentions The Independent on Sunday which shows a list drawn up in Downing Street of crucial constituencies with strong support for the Green Party - it identifies 31 seats (including Stroud) that Labour believe they can target among the 112 target seats the Tories need for a majority.

The Downing Street paper notes they have various options like to target voters with leaflets quoting some prominent Conservative climate change sceptics. This follows Gordon Brown's welcomed denouncement of "flat-Earth" environmental sceptics, including the former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson and ex-shadow home secretary David Davis.

As The Independent notes "one problem with the strategy is that the Green Party could benefit by the extra focus on environmental issues – making no difference to the battleground."

As for the Tories? Well Cameron didn't even list Climate Change as one of his top ten priorities (see here). Indeed Cameron's recent speech on "post-bureaucratic age" promises a return to Thatcherism with a government that would tiptoe round big business. Indeed he daren't even legislate for energy-efficient TVs, only 'appeal' to manufacturers to be 'responsible.' Well we've had decades of that, and it hasn't worked. We need a government that's going to take action.

Similarly we hear from Cameron about pledging to stop Heathrow's third runway in order to help cut greenhouse gases, yet simultaneously promoting the growth of regional airports despite the corresponding increase in greenhouse gases - it simply doesn't make sense. See also here frustration at Labour and Tory vote re wind turbines.

Labour have been inadequate, but the Tories in government were a lot worse and there is no indication they will be better now.

The failures of our democratic system has meant Greens have not had a voice in Government - unlike many European Governments - I've spoken before about the need for proportional representation and Labours failure to introduce it - and now they have the cheek to say vote Labour or the Tories will get in - shame on them. But I'm not going down that route now it's time for a mug of tea....

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