16 Dec 2009

50 videos including Julia Butterfly Hill

I just came across this video collection - the Big Picture TV - it streams free video clips of leading experts, thinkers and activists in environmental and social sustainability. See here their most popular fifty clips: www.bigpicture.tv/videos/popular

Photo from here of Julia Butterfly Hill

Anyhow some great stuff - in particular I just watched "How can we make sustainability mainstream?"after it being recommended - it is by Julia Butterfly Hill - see it here. I love how she points out the obvious like how on earth did we come to a point when all that is good for the planet is considered 'alternative' and we talk about managing ancient woodlands as if somehow they haven't been able to 'manage' themselves!!!

Julia Butterfly Hill was the one who for 738 days lived 180 feet high in the canopy of a 1,000 year old redwood tree to help make the world aware of the plight of ancient forests. She then wrote the excellent book The Legacy of Luna - it is now set to be made into a film starring Rachel Weisz.

Anyway apols for recent blog posts but I have been tied up with two scrutiny inquiries that have taken lots of my time recently - indeed just spent half of yesterday and a large chunk of today on writing one - hopefully available for public consumption soon! Of course it is also Christmas so no doubt all you readres out there will have more interests so this blog maybe a little quieter over the coming weeks.

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