6 Nov 2009

Tories want more government support for arms exports

The Conservative Party's Shadow Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, made a speech in September where he promised that a Conservative government would increase government support for arms exports. They are barmy - already the Government gives very generous and completely unwarranted support to arms exports. Apart from the moral arguments against the arms trade, government subsidies are a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

Photo: Poster spotted in Rodborough

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade consider that there is still time to change Conservative policy on this issue, and with a general election next year, it's important to put pressure on all the political parties. They are urging us to write to David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, explaining why this is a bad policy and urging the Conservative Party not to adopt it. You can email from the CAAT website here: www.caat.org.uk/issues/ukti/emailcameron/

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Greg Dance said...

I suspect its the same for the armaments industry as it is for nuclear. The government don't want it to lose out to foreign competition and to have a technological status of at least equal to them. Keeps lots of people in well paid jobs in key parliamentary seats too. Basically both ugly sister industries are able to hold governments to ransom while peace and reneweables initiatives don't yet produce the arguments to counter blackmail the government with. In the meantime glaciers melt, people die in violence etc....wonderful world! :-(