18 Nov 2009

Sign Tobin Tax petition

I have repeatedly called for a Tobin Tax - see most recent call here - now I see there is a petition set up by a Green colleague on the Downing Street site.

Photo: Stroud 'bankers' launching the Stroud Pound

It would be great to see many folks sign:

Please sign, blog, tweet and generally disseminate this petition. Brown is going to get a huge amount of counter-lobbying from the banksters, so he needs a positive push. It is one of the rare petitions that is actually supporting what he is saying!

It reads:

Preamble: The PM has put forward the idea of a Tobin Tax at the G20 meeting in November. This is a tax on financial transactions, which will be hypothecated to poor countries, to which the PM has not unreasonably added a clause to put some to meeting the cost of the next bank bailout. The US and Canada have already talked sown the idea, but many poorer countries and nearly all NGOs will welcome it, and we encourage our PM to persist against all odds.

Petition: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to persist with his praiseworthy plan to persuade the G20 to place a Tobin Tax on financial transactions, designed to aid poorer countries and increase financial stability.


DocRichard said...

Hi Philip
It toodk 9 days for Downing St to put up the petition, and is still is flagged as having 1 signature, despite the fact that I know for certain that more than one person has signed it.
We can dismiss out of hand the possibility that there is someone on the website who does not like Gordon or the Tobin Tax or both, which leaves us with the conclusion that once more the Government has is not fully up to speed with the technology.
Ho Hum

Philip Booth said...

Yes the website is still not working.