29 Nov 2009

Randwick Cycle route

Rob Palmer, the National Trust Community Warden has been developing plans with the Cyclists Touring Club Off Road group for a route around the woods.

Photo: cyclist in woods last weekend

As regular blog readers will know bikes and mountain boarders in the woods have done a certain amount of damage to the ancient monuments and wildlife - many new tracks made damaging bluebells and more - alot of the time I think people are unaware of what they are doing so a consultation was launched - and also more information put up about the ancient monuments - see here the boards put up to give more details re the ancient monuments.

The Trust is now creating a circular way-marked bike trail which will be visibly unobtrusive - riders would pay a membership fee to include insurance - also riders are being encouraged to tell others about areas of the wood to avoid.

Mr Palmer is also working on a project with horse riders. Meanwhile the Trust is having more of a presence at the old campsite - unfortunately that site still remains unresolved due primarily to vandalism - see previous post here. I would still love to see the possibility of reopening that site but only if vandalism can be cut.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Interesting - I was quite unaware of all the interesting monuments on our doorstep.

Do you happen to know if the National Trust is still looking for volunteers to walk specific routes (as mentioned in your 2007 post)?

Philip Booth said...

I don't know re walks - Worth giving them a call - National Trust, telephone 01452 814213 - I am also exploring a wood fuel project for woods - there is already one going at Hawkwood.

Philip Booth said...

PS I keep thinking we should develop a bloggers home for Glos or even Stroud blogs? Molly, Dale Vince, My Zero Waste, yours etc??? Perhaps like Green Home:

Wish I had more time!!

PPS I meant to say you have some great photos on your site!