9 Nov 2009

Badger and TB site

I've just had a few days in Wales - wonderful break - but it does mean I am a little behind with emails - please bear with me - as for the blog well I'm back with a post to highlight Martin Hancox's new website about badgers which now has more information on - Martin is Stroud-based and has a huge wealth of knowledge on this issue - see more about him on the website.

Photo: Tony Meeuwissen has kindly given permission for use of this on Ruscombe Green

As I've covered here on this blog the current cattle TB crisis is being blamed by farmers and vets as all due to badgers, but Martin has provided very convincing evidence that it is explicable in terms of the huge hidden infectious reservoir of cattle TB. Anyone with an interest in this emotive and controversial subject would do well to look at Martin's work. Indeed to date despite letters asking questions I have not seen evidence to refute it. For me it is certainly a significant part of the debate that seems to be being ignored.

See his website at: www.badgersandtb.com/

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