9 Nov 2009

Join the Tricorn Picnic demo

A picnic is being planned to be held at Tricorn House on Tuesday 17th November at 12 noon. This is to draw attention to the misguided decision to allow the rights of a Guernsey-based property company to prevail over those of a local business. See more here. It was also good to see that Ecotricity are still game to go for the Compulsory Purshase Order - see Citizen here. Join us for the picnic!

Pic: 'Godzilla' courtesy of Stroud artist Simon aka Vietnamthemovie - this time the full-size image!

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Anonymous said...

I'm still uneasy about KNOCKING the building down to rebuild a new eco-one (seems rather ironic to me). Far more imaginative would be to retrofit it and provide vertical gardens,etc. I drove past it just yesterday with a colleague of mine who was visiting Stroud and she liked the building and could easily imagine it being transformed.
I agree with the CPO but do think it should be conditional upon making it a landmark retrofit project.