23 Nov 2009

Check B4 U Pet winners from Whiteshill

The winners of a competition to warn children of the dangers of running up to dogs and petting them visited Ebley Mill last week to receive their prizes. The four winners of the Check B4 U Pet poster competition from Whiteshill and Longney Primary school were all presented with a £20 voucher.

Photo: Poster showed to me by one of the winners, Emily Memory.

The Check B4 U Pet campaign was launched two years ago in response to the increasing number of incidents involving dogs attacking, maiming and sometimes killing children. The council's animal welfare team are running this campaign every year, visiting schools around the district to educate children on how to react if they are under threat from a dog but also to advise them on the correct way to approach dogs if they want to pet them. As part of the sessions the children were invited to enter a competition to create a poster illustrating the correct way to react if they were under threat from a dog.

Well done Whiteshill!

The winners are:
Emily Memory - Whiteshill Primary School
Jack Manley - Whiteshill Primary School
Lilly Brewer - Longney Primary School
William Attwooll- Longney Primary School

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