10 Oct 2009

Whiteshill School meets Parish

Whiteshill Primary School have each year presented material to the Parish Council about how they see the Parish can be improved. This year 5 year six children came and presented their case - they were excellent and clear bout what they wanted.

These photo's don't do justice to the plans they presented so 'll try and cover that in brief then mention a bit more from the Parish meeting that followed their presentation - but it'll be rushed as a beautiful sunny day beckons and a Safe Water AGM in Stroud (all invited)!

So what did they want?
- ramps kept and remade to their original profiles in the playing field
- broken bench at shop repaired
- a seesaw at the playground
- graffiti removed from slide roof at playground
- a lamp in alley between shop and scout hut to improve safety in that dark dark alley (I know this has been requested in the past and refused but let's try again on this)
- areas where 'muck' and undergrowth needs clearing
- improvments to the bus shelters - prefer the glass sides
- a 20 mph by the school (this is something the Parish and I have worked hard on - the 20 is Plenty scheme is only a step towards getting it - but we need it across the whole Parish - see link here for my previous discussions on this - I am meeting our new County Councillor to discuss further and am delighted he is also keen to work on this)

Lastly they noted they are doing in November a World War 2 project creating an Oral history using Archway School's facilities so would love to talk to any folk locally about their war experiences.

So the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish meeting?

Well wait for the minutes on the Parish website for a proper coverage but here are a few updates on items I've covered in my blog previously:
- basketball hoop erection has been delayed as one contractor has not delivered it but now a Parish councillor with a van has offered so let's hope it is up before the end of the year and the young lads who requested it are not long gone from the Parish at college or university!
- the Parish supported moves for a 40 mph around Pitchcombe: see my blog tomorrow on this
- the allotment lottery bid is in but will take 30 days if all goes well then we need to settle on legal stuff then hopefully the Parish might have it's first allotments
- the threat to Ruscombe fields was discussed - and the Parish are writing on this: a blog soon on all that
- an abandoned car considered: I'm already also chasing that
- lead flashing stolen in Bread Street and several other minor incidents: police would like them reported

Sorry thats all I can smell coffee and want to sit in sun!

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