12 Oct 2009

Planning website needs improvements

I am part of the Councils inquiry into planning and we've already spent a few afternoons on this and more planned. One area I am looking at this month, is planning websites - I would welcome feedback on Stroud District Council's and on others.

Photo: Stroud District Council's Ebley Mill viewed from the Fuzzies, Randwick

Our Council's website has fallen behind what I consider to be best practice and is in need of significant updating and improvements. As we move towards more e-consultations it is crucial that the info is easily accessible - and info is fed back to those with an interest.

I have already lodged a question on the discussion forum of the Planning Advisory Service re planning websites. There are 6 comments so far - this gives us a chance to look at what is available. To view the thread click here. There are also a lot of pointers to council websites where people have had a positive experience in the comments here. Do contact me if you have thoughts?

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