17 Sep 2009

Window in memory of Denise Cole

When Reverend Denise Cole died a year ago at 66, she left a big impression. She was an amazing woman. After being cured of multiple sclerosis during a walk through the Holy Land, she went on to be ordained as a minister in 2000 and she served as assistant priest to Reverend Brian Woollaston in Whiteshill, Randwick and Paganhill and was involved with many local projects.

Now there are plans for a memorial stained-glass window in her name. The Rev Brian Woollaston is quoted in The Citizen on Monday this week saying: "As a layworker and a priest, she gave so much which touched and transformed many lives. To commemorate her life, her family would like to put up a small window in St Paul's at Whiteshill. It has the permission of the parochial church council and as it is anticipated to cost around £2,500, we are suggesting testing the idea with pledges, rather than donations, to see if it is feasible."

To make a pledge to help make this possible call Rev Woollaston on 01453 764 757.

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