2 Aug 2009

'Stan Shinginston and The Wolf Attack' created in Ruscombe

As regular blog readers will know we feature occasionally locals from the area - well Stroud Life featured Reef Rodicq who couldn't find his perfect book so has written his own - so the 9 year old from Ruscombe has written his own - 'Stan Shinginston and The Wolf Attack' - it tells the tale of 11 year old Stan who discovers wolves living under his school and eventually befriends them - copies will be on sale in the Autumn in the Whiteshill Village Shop but you can also read it on his own website at: http://www.reefweb.co.cc/

Photo: Randwick horse

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Russ said...

/off topic

I'm glad you found one of the horses of the horsemen of the apocalypse; can you drug him with a herbal carrot?