6 Aug 2009

How to make a bee house

Yesterday I talked on this blog about why we are wanting 350 bee houses in Stroud - see here - this blog is how to make them - most of the info courtesy of the Global Bee Project.....

Build your own bee house for cavity nesting bees - two types below:

Block type

1. Find or cut a block of untreated seasoned wood. The wood must be at least 30cm high x 30 cm wide x 30 cm deep, but it does not have to be square or rectangular.

2. Drill into the wood 6-8mm diametre holes that do not go all the way through. Leave about 1cm between each hole.

3. Creating a roof to sheild the house is a good idea.

Photo: Red Mason bee

4. If you want, decorate the new home…use your imagination!

5. Attach a hook to the back of the bee house and hang at least 1m off the ground but no higher than 2.5m, in a place that is sheltered from the prevailing wind and that receives some direct sunlight during the day.

Stem type

1. Gather together hollow stems of cow parsley or bamboo cane at least 15cm long. I've used angelica.

2. Bind together in a bundle.

3. Wrap with a waterproof material

4. Hang from a tree

Yes they really are that simple - I made both mine in not so many minutes.

Photo: Leafcutter bee

See my beehouses here - plus more here with links to other websites.

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