28 Jul 2009

Vote for top 10 blogs by 31st July

best blogs pollJust to let you know that The Total Politics yearly blog poll has just opened. Last year only one Green blogger got into the top 100 - let's see if we can do a bit better this time! There was also a list of Top Green Bloggers - Ruscombe Green made a very respectable 16 - since then there are many many more bloggers out there and some great quality blogs...

Information on how to vote:
Top Ten Fave Blogs in the 2009 Total Politics Blog Poll

Without wishing to influence here are my top 10 Green bloggers that I will be supporting - I have to note it was very difficult and I did it in too much of a hurry so already can think of ones I'd like to include:

Ruscombe Green : http://ruscombegreen.blogspot.com/
Natalie Bennett: Philobiblon: http://philobiblon.co.uk/
Barkingside21: http://barkingside21.blogspot.com/
Peter Cranie: Peter Cranie: http://petercranie.blogspot.com/
Jim Jepps: The Daily (Maybe): http://jimjay.blogspot.com
Green Ladywell: http://greenladywell.blogspot.com/
Richard Lawson: Mabinogogiblog: http://greenerblog.blogspot.com/
Rupert Read: Rupert's Read: http://rupertsread.blogspot.com/
Derek Wall: Another Green World: www.another-green-world.blogspot.com
Molly Scott Cato: http://gaianeconomics.blogspot.com/
Weggis: http://weggis66.blogspot.com/

Hey can you vote for yourself? Blast that is 11 - need to loose one....Happy voting.

1 comment:

weggis said...

Gosh! In fact Golly Gosh! Even I didn't vote for me, but I think it is within the rules.