31 Jul 2009

UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

An excellent analysis of the Government's 'UK Low Carbon Transition Plan' comes from Rob Hopkins on his blog - see it here - Rob gives the Government a score on each key issue - sadly Ed Miliband has still completely and utterly failed to understand Peak Oil - it doesn't even get a mention - so on that they score one out of ten. However there is some good stuff too - definitely worth a read.

Photo: Homemade cider - my first ever attempt last year - tried it a couple of weeks ago - v drinkable - the neighbours apple tree that the cider was made from is in background of pic.

See Porritt writing in The Independent last Saturday here about the failure of Brown to understand Climate Change - plus a new report by Ernst & Young report says that the current economic downturn - which has sapped power and gas demand - offers a unique opportunity to sustain lower levels of energy consumption - see here. They say Britain's power industry could save 35 billion pounds in investments needed to secure future energy supply if consumers adopt aggressive efficiency measures in coming years - no surprise to Greens but at least this is now getting into the mainstream - but will Government listen?

All this is all the more needed after reading a depressing article here - it shows that Climate change is already responsible for 300,000 deaths a year and is affecting 300m people. It projects that increasingly severe heatwaves, floods, storms and forest fires will be responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths a year by 2030, making it the greatest humanitarian challenge the world faces. Economic losses due to climate change today amount to more than $125bn a year — more than all the present world aid.

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