20 Jul 2009

Delight: my beehouse has leafcutter bees!

At a recent Coffee House discussion Carlo from the Global Bee Project talked about building bees houses - I was inspired and set to work - see here - and even wrote to the Coop here - since then I've been learning more and today had a meeting with Carlo Montesanti and Jessie Jowers from the Project - but wanted to mention first that a week ago I had leafcutters take up residence in my beehouse!!! Love it!

Photos: Willughby leafcutter bees making homes in my bee house, the damage to roses and a bit from the bee ID card available from the Global Bee Project - below campaign seed packets about stopping Terminator Seeds

I have to note the total delight that so soon after making the houses I have residents - the Willughby leafcutter bees (or Willoughby) - around 10 holes already being used each neatly capped with three circles cut from my roses - I strongly urge others to join in - do help publicise this by adding your house to the Global Bee Project - see Stroud projects here.

Anyhow the meeting with Carlo and Jessie was very productive - I love their passion and enthusiasm - it is no wonder that Gloucestershire University has a partnership with them and they have just gained funding for a 2 year project with schools from the Royal Society no less!!!!!! Great stuff indeed. In my meeting today we looked at how we can expand the project and they have a few exciting projects to launch over the next couple of months - more of that very soon indeed! Stay tuned!

spoof terminator seed packet with the text 'corn seeds - terminator variety'Sign petition and email MP

The Soil Association have launched a honeybee petition – so far there has been a very encouraging response to the petition. You can show your support for our work by signing the online petition to protect our honeybees and ban neonicotinoid pesticides.

The Global Bee folk are also asking for support to write to your MP say 'No To Terminator Seeds' here. See a previous blog of mine on this here.

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